Khorisa – An odè to Assamese  and Bengali Cuisine


So my bon appétit started this week with a full stomach and beyond already on the wednesday itself!
This One Year Old Gem located in a quite corner side of 2nd floor of Seasons Mall in Magarpatta Town, Pune.

Being completely heedless to the Assamese food history and Geography, I just happened to be a fanboy in an event hosted by the PEO- Pal@table at a Bengali and Assamese food restaurant – Khorisa !!  


The Concept of Palatable is very new-age coming theory and quite a trend to be followed soon across Pune and in later stages, Nationwide. Looking to expand your social circle, find or meet people who share your Common interests, or just eat & drink in the company of fun people, Palatable lets you build social networks that translate into real-life, meaningful experiences. You will find tables for singles, tables for foodies, table for entrepreneurs, tables for beer/wine-lovers, tables for movie-goers, tables for a girls night out and even tables for business networking. There is a table here that is just right for you or your kind of people.
Now-a-days,  busy schedules and hectic work lives making those fun dinners with friends or like-minded people seem like a distant dream. Palatable exactly scores here big time. Get together for an evening of food and drinks. Let Palatable take care of the hard work in getting this done. They make reservations at the restaurant one choose. All one has to do is to be available, arrive on time and enjoy the perfect company and ambience of his choice !



  Yes, The famous singer Papon (Namesis – Angaraag Mahanta) happens to be In the town and he showed up his generosity at the soft launch party last year.

The décor of this place presents bamboo handicrafts that Assam has been known for long period of time. Red hues and significant minimalistic décor takes you for a treat well before the meal begins even.

Meals served in Kansa thalis that really looks very traditional approach to greet their guests and let them know about how the cultural delicacy. Then there were serving bowls made of brass which goes apt with the décor of the place keeping feel intact.

Well, for the Menu part, mostly we had a mixed no. Of Veg-NonV appetisers and Main-course.
Just to begin with, they had us served ;

Appetisers ;

1.Bhetki Fish fry (boneless bhetki fish fillet marinated in spices and covered in breadcrumbs and deep fried in refined oil) fish procured straight from Howrah Ghat and delightfully fried and crisp with a proper coating of batter served with their in house mustard paste and mint chutney. Probably everyone liked this stuff on the table.


2.Next one was Mochar Chop, banana flower cutlets which presents the subtle combination of sweet and salty along with the right kind of crunch making it go way too smooth in the mouth.

3.The Kaath AluBhoja (elephant foot yam chips fried in mustard oil) were pretty much okay-okay as I believe it was little bit tad and less crispy. Few people who has taste-buds for mustards will definitely love this creation.

4.Khorisa Diya Kukura Mangxo (chicken fried with bamboo shoot) stole the show in the starters served. Succulent chicken cooked with bamboo shoots with a hint of mustard oil and feeding us like pure winner!

Main-Course (Veg) ;


The veg main course consisted of

1. Alu Pitika (mashed potatoes with assamese spices and herbs garnished raw onions, green chillies and mustard oil) was quite nicely prepared and everyone liked it. Often Its known as alu-sana or alu-chokha in north-east region of India.

2. Bengena Fry (Aubergine fried in mustard oil) was drenched in oil and the people who likes brinjal can only have it with a taste-bud.

3. Alu Posto (Potato cooked in poppy seed paste) was the one of a kind and I really enjoyed it full swing.

4. Alu Dom (Potato cooked in Onion and Tomato paste) is a dish which makes the home-cooked alu-dum looks little fade here. Its very nice and subtle.

5. Khar Diya Mati Dail Aru Omita (Black lentil with papaya and alkali) is soupy like stuff and easily goes in the mouth.

6. To polish off the entire range of Veg delicacies we had been served with koraishutir kachuri (puffed bread filled with mashed green peas) which looked easy but have heavy impact once you had a couple of ’em.

7. Bora Saulor Bhaat (Fragnant short-grain Sticky Rice looks similar like what we call Madh bhaat in Bihar/Jharkhand region) also goes nice with the curry provided in veg.

Main-Course (Non-Veg) ;

I relished with this part of the meal as I was curious to know how it taste like after hearing so much about the preservance required for preparing ’em.


1. Bilahi Diya Masor Tenga (Sour fish Curry cooked with pinch of tomato, lemon and herbs) looked very nice from outside and once you taste it, oh boy! Just feel it.

2. Koni Torkari (The spicy egg omelet curry) was somehow like the one which we used to had at my place with my families around, but here’s the taste was little bit different and gravy was bit dark as compared to the one at home.

3. Chicken curry was mostly accepted as all people enjoyed it nicely.

4. HaahMaango Aru Kumura (The duck meat with ash gourd gravy) tasted very nicely but I think it was little bit dry as compared to other places where I had duck meat.

5. Gahori Aru Bhutlolokia (Pork prepared in the Naga style with ghost chillies) was killer and its recommended with bamboo shoot though you gonna like it only if you like the pungency of bamboo shoot!

We were also served the special sampling menu Items and if you are looking forward to especially the Garo style Phura- chicken cooked in rice flour and green vegetables, they are up-worthy.

Desserts ;


 1. Nolen gur roshogolla (Soft cheese dumpling in date to jaggery syrup) was very soft and gulped in mouth like in no time.
2. Mihidana aru cream (boondi granules with cream) was a good mix and cream made the boondi felt heavenly in the mouth.

3. They have other desserts too in the house, one can try ’em one by one. We were full by the time desserts arrived so we had our luck circled at two desserts only😂

The service was good and quick. All the servers were very polite and also telling us everytime about the dishes they were putting in our plates. Be it a glass of water or even an extra ounce of any dish, they were ready to serve us on one call.

The owners, Sanjay and Nilakshi were possibly making every extra efforts while describing each dish that we were served with utmost niché. They are really into this and its been over an year, they seem fine with the success story so far. I think more people from eastern region have to follow the suit and visit this place and relish the great taste!

We all met few other fellow Foodies who happens to be in the forum but had a chance to meet while having the food and a lot of talk happened in between!

It was an evening well spent👌🏻

Disclaimer: The invite was for a PEO-Palatble food meet-up event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All the photos has been taken by my iPhone 6+.

Keep eating !!

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