An effinगुड Affair..

effingut Brewerkz needs no Introduction, Right!  This place has been effinGOOD for the beer lovers, especially craft beer lovers😎

The moment I received an #ExclusiveInvite for this “effinगुड” event, I got excited and turned my beer-glands on ! Special thanks to Mr. Manu Gulati and the awesome ‪camaraderie over at Carpe Diem.

Much anticipated Gud (jaggery) theme Beer “èffinगुड” which has been launched on the amazing evening of 15th feb with a few media persons, PR agency, Fellow food bloggers and Brewmasters (trust me the guest-list was a good one to be with around) ! A splendid affair and lots of Beer-Lover people to meet and greet😛

Manu Gulati, the owner of the place started of the occasion by introducing us to different “HOPS” [beer enthusiasts Of Pune Shehar] Team-members who had curated this amazing beer despite coming from different backgrounds like hotel industry, pharmacy, software engineering, etc.,

HOPS comprises of

1. Manu Misra

2. Sapan Maniyar

3. Sameer Madan

4. Heramb Arjunwadkar

5. Saurabh Patwardhan

6. Ameya Kale &

7. Shaun and

8. the Head Brewer Mukeshwar Tripathi.

The Idea ;

A lot of productive brain-storming happened before this launch and I get to know, this Out of the box” idea started as discussion on January 11 about creating a new craft beer for Effingut Brewerkz. What to brew was an interesting exchange of Vision and Ideas.

Head Brewer Mukteshwar Tripathi and owner Manu Gulati were doing all brain-storming with fellow HOPS team.

Dark Oak Aged Ale (with malty and jaggery flavors), Ratnagiri Mango Amber, Lemongrass Belgian Wit (with sweet lime/kaffir lime), Baker Brown Ale (with coffee, cocoa nibs, vanilla pods and a brown ale base), Mocha Brown Ale (with vanilla), Cream Blonde and American Wheat (with any available seasonal fruit) – the beer ideas ran from dark to pale to fruity.

Dark version of Oktoberfest bier was also considered in between to be specific.

And the winner was as obvious Dark Ale due its unique taste and a secret ballot vote procedure which ensured that its a correct decision respected by one and all.

Now it looks like they did pulled it off nicely!

The Tour ;

Lucky we that somehow Manu agreed to join us for a Tour of the place and started telling few superb stuffs which involves the procedure of making craft beer with maintaining a required temperature and yeast-formation in between.

The beauty of Craft Beer is the number of variables that can be tweaked to produce a new style of Beer. Lagers take around 3 weeks to condition and the people to get this brew from grain to glass have to wait for an about 2 weeks time.

They use an ale yeast and condition for 2 weeks or a little more even instead.

The grain bill comprising of a mixture of 4 different types of malt (light, dark caramel and black), an Indian element as Jaggery got introduced .

Then comes up a a dark medium bodied session beer with a rich malty profile finishing with the sweetness from the jaggery and going to be a legen…wait for it…dary, legendary one for the peeps out there in Pune!
Fact ;

The team brewed a 550 liter batch. Making Craft Beer is an art form in itself and must be treated and promoted in that manner. Those who truly take delight in being enthusiasts, brewers or owners must take it upon themselves to enlighten others about this wonderful art!

Craft Beer enthusiasts are making efforts to go handy with other enthusiasts and showing up a sign of unity in the Craft Beer movement which is more of a required these days.

Launch Party;

The Keg was tapped at Effingut. Almost a Guest List of almost 30 people were there to witness an uber-class experience. All of us present there was super-excited about the event, and holding onto to experience something amazing right in-front of us.


Tapping the Keg ;

The keg was kept center stage and when the right moment came, it was ‘tapped’ in the presence of all the beer enthusiasts. Made from barley and ‘गुड’, this one was certainly different and exciting. All of us present there was hoping to grab a mug before the excitement levels up the bar.

Also Manu ensured that all guest should have all sort of best appetisers on their palate as beer-flowing was on a continue mode and a healthy discussion for the love of beer has started at every corner of the place.

We liked it, and until it available on on the tap, Pls go splurge eurself a little bit with mugs full of effinगुड !
As Manu Gulati always says: “Long Live Craft Beers”!  #CheersToBeers and #StayFrothy

Effingut Brewerkz is located at Serene Bay, Lane Number 6, Koregaon Park.

A collage of snaps taken inside of the place and what an interior it is. Full of quotes, exclusive hats, fact-boards, beer-directionary and what not!


Disclaimer: All photos bearing the Effingut Brewerkz watermark have been taken from their FB page with their prior permission. Rest are of my photography using an iPhone 6+.

Effingut Brewerkz Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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