Gado Gado and Grill at Ignite – Bar & Grill

As the heat is getting scorched day by day, CY Marriott Hinjawadi is also coming into foray big time in organising different kinds of Food festival in every month.Recently held Maharashtrian food festival to Mango fest, this part of the town is getting its full power-bank for foodies at CY Marriott. Places are full of billboards and the online updates are up on screen every new other minute for promos of on-going food festivals and spreads that have gripped the city.

Currently, Ignite Bar & Grill at CY by Marriott has organised a 10 day long “Asian Grill’ festival. And no guessing here as my bon appétit had been invited here with fellow #TheBTeam bloggers. 

Since its a grill festival and awesome food made in front of you on live counters you can always customize it to suit to your palate tips. With guidance from Chef Bhushan and Executive Chef Vikram Gakkan.

“The idea of organizing the fest is to showcase uncommon asian grills from south east asian countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. We have selected best of the local places that goes apt for Indian palate”, says Chef Vikram.
You will be getting a choice of marination from amongst

1. Teriyaki ( sweet marinade and goes well with sea food)

2. Sambal Oelek (Spicy and tasted best with tiger prawns)

3. Hoisin Glaze (sweet & salty and goes well with ducks and chicken)

4. Lemon grass (Sharp and easy to go with any meat or veggies)

5. Kafir lime (Versatile and soft with all choice of your meat and veggies)
Its amazing to see a bunch of energetic and pleasing staff right from service team to Managers to Chefs at CY.

A chiller table was already reserved for the Bloggers table. We had been greeted by Arundhati and Chef Vikram once we entered Ignite – Bar & Grill Premise.

We’d been served with a mocktail named Ma Collins a mocktail – a palate cleanser, a magic mocktail from Sanket Tiwari’s counter to prepare the palate for all the savoring that needed to be done once you tete-a-tete with the meat. It was a perfect combination of ginger, ginger ale and lemon juice topped with ice and a burnt star anise. Later during maincourse, we had been served with Classic Mojito too.

So, an awesome start to an awesome evening!

The three course dinner meal is a pre set menu with a choice of veg and non-veg starters, main course and chef’s special dessert. Wasabi Mayo, Sriracha, Soya sauce.

Appetizers  ;

Prawns Satay (Kaffir Marination) – Simply delectable! Soft white prawns with tender gelatinous meat and tails removed. The cleansing and serving of prawns gets a thumbs up from me.
BBQ Chicken sausages (Sambal Marination) – Oh! We loved this for sure. Meaty affair it was. Chicken sausage skewers was like exactly what We were looking forward to the evening. #Go_For_It
Sambal Oelek Tofu – Considering the previous stuff, it came as a surprise to us. It was amazingly soft and veggies were totally soaked from all the marination. #LovedIt
Sticky Chicken wings (Dragon Wings) – Aptly sweet and tangy, these were straight from devil’s kitchen. Charged with gluttony right away.
Teriyaki Pineapple – pure winner amongst the all the meaty affair. Truly veggie delight, don’t think there was anything that came close to this. #Go_For_It
Hot Garlic Squids – Not very much into squids but still tried one. The garlic sauce was giving it a mild fragrance and a subtle taste to a moderate squid lovers like me.
Vegetable Tempura – A Japanese delight which included all the assorted veggies like broccoli, gherkins, bell peppers and some sweet corn as well. Decent dish appreciated by everyone. #Loved_It
Post this much delighted affair, we had a little break in between the courses to discuss about the ongoing IPL match and Few of the gigs which generally being played at the stage set at the corner side of Restro and few other future activities. Also there was available a wide Asian variety of Teas.

And then we had been served with mains. All the grilled meat lined up with common sides in the form of aromatic Jasmine mild flavoured rice in tender coconut, pickled veggies and a peanut-ginger based Indonesian sauce which is typically used as a part of Gado Gado (Salad of blanched vegetables with peanut sauce).

Tiger Prawns – perfectly cooked. These crustaceans were justifying there name like totally – thick meat, scaly stripped backs and gigantic size. The sauce and and garnishing completed the dish in the most apt way. #Loved_It
Soy Chunks (Hoisin Glazed marination) -Another veggie delight. Protein substitute for meat for the veggies and the marination was quite rich To give the dish a good consistency through out the last piece.
Chicken Thigh (Kaffir Lime Marination) – If its chicken, this marination goes apt with it. Mild, tangy and delicious. The piece was very well kept, softness was there to get a good hold in mouth. Go_For_It
Duck Breast – But it hasn’t scored a duck, in fact, this scored a ton in itself! Very succulent and good amount of chewy. Marination went well with the dish. #Loved_It

Half a chicken – Super tender chicken garnished with seasame. Melt in the mouth like instantly.

Pork Ribs – Directly imported from Belgium, so the meat was best in class and it was cooked perfectly to fall off the bones and the glazing enough to make it a sticky greasy affair. The taste was very compelling, certainly something which you cannot afford to miss when here. #Go_For_It

Chef’s Special (Mango Rice Pudding with Coconut Ice-cream) – This, I must say is pure winner here after a mouthful of so much of delicious grilled meat-load in tummy. Tender soft ice cream with mango rice was a deadly combo. This was something like what my mother used to make at home and I had always loved it. #Do_Not_Miss_It

What – Asian Grill Festival

When – 16-26th of May

Cost   – ₹1299

Where – Ignite Bar & Grill

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complementary food tasting event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All the photos has been taken by my iPhone 6+.


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