Oktoberfest – Essen, Trinken, Sei Fröhlich

He was a wise man who invented beer. – Plato

For me Oktoberfest is one of those love/ hate relationships. Yes, I love beer, singing with a bunch of strangers, and getting good food, but I hated the daily headache I woke up with every morning from to much grog.Its that time of the year when its all about beers almost everywhere.

Lets talk some history behind the occasion.  Oktoberfest evolved out of a massive wedding celebration in 1810. Every year since then, the Germans have kept the party going. Fast forward 200 years and it has become one of the biggest festivals in the world, and who isn’t looking for an any excuse to wear Lederhosen (Oktoberfest Costumes). Oktoberfest is my type of party!

Thousands of strangers clashing their one liter mugs together and filling the beer tents with songs while the nonstop celebration of new friendships, good food, and beer rages from morning until night. However, Oktoberfest for all the reasons listed above, can get a tiny bit hectic. So here at Pune, we have our own share of Oktoberfest happening at Effingut Brewerkz.

Effingut Brewerks, one of the finest breweries in town is hosting a 20 day fest as a part of the Oktoberfest. Special beers, dedicated german food and fun games are all a part of the event. The Oktoberfest at Effingut is a must-go-to occasion for all the beer lovers in the town. Decently Priced at 1350 AI on Mon, Tue, Thu and 1700 AI on the other days, 8 pm to 11 pm, this is a win-win deal for everyone. A round of Applause to Effingut for executing the Oktoberfest brilliantly.👏🏻

Lets talk about the brews now ;

Effingut always has 8+ craft beers on their tap almost all throughout the year and for Okoberfest, they have a whopping 10 freshly brewed craft beers on tap. (A bonus indeed for us)

Mr. Manu Gulati, the owner of Effingut Brewerkz did spend some quality time with us and also enlightened all of the fellow food bloggers present in the house that evening. He ensured we all have a good evening and a round trip to the Brewery is a must when one wants to know in detail abt these magnificent beers.


Apple Cider, Strawberry Cider, Peach Ginger Melomel should definitely be the apt choice if one is planning to have a beer for the first time. They all are the ciders to the flavours which we can have it in one godepending upon the taste level.

Coffee Porter is the one kickass brew option which is best among Porter/Stout category and  people love it like crazy. Couple of blogger friends do order this, only this here as they like it very much. Dark roasted coffee beans and its aroma will ensure of the bitter and better taste of this beer.

Hefeweizen, an all time favorite here,  is one of the best they have got here and this German Wheat beer is legen-dont wait for it-dary.

Dopplebock is the strongest beer available. Ordinary Bitter and the English Amber Ale are the hoppiest beers on tap and the Amber Ale is a master blaster here.

Berliner Weisse, is one of the mildest and easy going beer available here.Brewed by Thean of the #EffinCrew is a special Sour beer which they have started serving from the first day of the fest.Very often its known as ‘Champagne of the north Germany’ too cause of spontaneous fermentation.

Marzen Lager, the Oktoberfest beer is not on tap yet, but lookout for it, its sure gonna be a best seller.

Beauty lies in the hands of the beer holder.

And then mybonappétit realised enough with beers, how abt food now!
Effingut Hot Dog: Well played! Chicken sausages stuffed between soft hot dog buns with caramelized onions, sour cream and in house mustard. Well prepared with the right amount of condiments makes this a great dish to go with the beers.It was loved by one and all present there.

Potato Wedges: No matches found for this simple yet so uncommon stuff. The wedges served at Effingut are the best ones I have ever had. Served along with their signature mayo dip, paired with some beers, nothing can go wrong!

Hackbraten: .Aha, I simply loved it. Minced chicken with herbs and topped with demerara sauce mixed with Black Olives as topping. It would go easy for light meal even.
Brotschnitten: It was One of the best among the rest. Pulled chicken in brilliant barbecue preparation/ chicken ham with pickled veggies/ sour cream spinach with pickled veggies topped on lightly toasted french bread. Though I loved the The Pulled chicken version better than other two.

Doner: wow! The first bite of the pita oozes out the sour cream.It was Served along with crispy potato wedges making it go oolala. move over to next bite of bread, and get the fresh German Coleslaw followed by yummy strips of grilled chicken.Just Dont MISS it.donerPastete: The two variants of a dish always make it tough to choose the best between them.Hunnerpastete is creamy chicken paste made with fresh beer and honey mustard whereas Pilzpastete is its veg version which has creamy mushrooms. This one’s for the faint hearted (read not spicy), yet so good. Go for it.

CurryWurst: Sausage fans, be merry! No German fests are ever complete without having a serving of the currywurst. With pork and chicken variants, I had ’em both but the chicken bratwurst sausage stood out.Its delicious.currywurstSchnitzel: Classic German fried chicken served with hot and tangy bell pepper sauce. The right kind of crispiness throughout the bite.

Szegediner: Meat lovers, here is what you are looking for. Succulent pork chunks slowly cooked in red wine and bacon strips which is served with dollops of potato dumplings and sauerkraut.Robust German style traditional pork stew is what best for a festival like this.szegediner
Mustard Chilli Chicken: The Pick Of the place has to be this only. Everytime, Effingut plays it awesome by serving this best of the class dish. Brilliantly prepared chilli chicken , but with a twist. Yes of course, its prepared in mustard sauce. The in-house mustard sauce makes the dish oh-so-delicious. Even the In-House Chef swears by it.effingut-classic-vegetablesBlack Forest Trifle: Standard black forest preparation using strawberry cider topped with whipped cream. Not so liked but yeah the ones who have sweet tooth, would love this for sure.  black-forrest-trifle-2
Oktoberfest is a fantastic festival that is full of life, fun, and energy. I loved sitting around a big table making Bavarian friends, singing songs, and drinking effin’good beer at Effingut Brewerkz. Towards the end of the evening, the fellow #TheBTeam members also joined us and we had a gala time dancing and singing to the in-house music chartbusters!

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complementary Oktoberfest event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All the photos has been taken from  Effingut Brewerkz FB Page.or by my iPhone 6+.



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