“Hai masti Jo” at Café Mestizo

While the whole world is getting Trump-fied and India is getting Modi-fied big time as all of us are hurling about Notes Issues (Be it samsung or Indian Currency 😉), and have become tired, so why dont we just read this blog and head to this place for an amazing experience of food and masti. #BreakToBantaHaiNa

Café Mestizo has been making good reviews off lately and personally I believe its one of the Go-To place at BHS (Balewadi High street) due to its unique line of menu and they have so many things to offer to their customers on their plate, they never return empty stomach from This place. Been here so many times, and tried almost everything from their menu, Mybonappétit recommends this place for all of the reader who is reading this blog right now !
Café Mestizo is Operated by the Three Wise Monks and Celebrity Chef Deepu Alamchandani who was previously showing his culinary skills at Chile and had became quite a phenomenon there ! Here Chef Deepu is trying to give his dishes a new kind of fusion which can definitely offer the best of two worlds in one plate ! Even the word, Mestizo also means the similar way, its a Spanish Word which says “mixed”, and broader way, it is a term traditionally used in Spain and Latin America to mean a person of combined European and Amerindian descent. So this time, Café Mestizo announced their creative new menu by Chef Deepu. With the festive season just round the corner Café Mestizo has introduced some lip smacking dishes in their newly launched menu. The menu includes dishes like The Champion’s Breakfast, Do The Cheeto pizza with oh so yummilicious Cheeto toppings and many more.
And when Devendra and Mitali from Goodwormedia, invited #TheBTeam for the tasting of the newly introduced items on the menu, we got so much excited for it. Chef Deepu and his army was there to welcome us and tell us in detail abt the whole new menu including few kickass items for this season (Oh trust me, they have a couple of items, which just cant be missed, read for a length).
We had given an option of our choice to order but we prefer it the chef way! So he made us believe in his work and presented us with lots of good items one by one. So lets talk abt the food which we had ;

Do The Cheeto Pizza [Rs. 300] – So this set the welcome scene for us that evening. Just by looking at it, one can definitely say, Childhood is what we seek at this very moment. A four cheese pizza with Cheeto topping, this pizza Would definitely bring back childhood memories instantly for the ones who are having it. The cheese made all the difference with Cheetos flavour. Perfect for all the kids out there and a remedy for the Parents who go miles to find the best pizza for their kids. #DoNotMissIt

Mary’s Little Lamb [Rs. 310] – true to its name, as we recite the old school poem, it made the punch. I liked it but yeah, given an chance spicy quotient was bit missing in it.

Kheema Baguette [Rs. 300] – I have always loved Kheema and since it was here on my plate, I couldn’t resist myself from having it all. Served with slices of baguette, it was right in texture. The spicy quotient could have been bit higher but nonetheless, it was a lovely dish to move on the evening with. #LovedIt

Naked Spaghetti [Rs. 210] – As A whole, we all loved it. Brilliantly mixed proportions of Chilli, Garlic, parmesan and basil. The pungency of Garlic was no where and due to well kept amount of Parmesan made the entire exp of having it, as super awesome. Just dont miss it and give it a fair try to this one. #GoForIt

Penne Pesto [Rs. 180] – Well, it takes a real chef to make a perfect Penne Pesto and Chef Deepu did a fair justice to it here at Cafe Mestizo. Many a place, they offer Penne Pesto but screws it so badly that one doesn’t wanna go there again even. What we always seek is standard penne pasta in delicious pesto sauce, and there we go. It was so good that the plate can be wiped clean entirely by oneself just by licking it (Obviously, remember those maggi-moments!) #DoNotMissIt

Chicken Biryani [Rs. 280] – “I’M HAPPY IN LIFE BECAUSE I LISTEN TO MY STOMACH, NOT MY BRAIN.”For a cafe like place, we generally dont expect Biryani in the menu and to be served as one of the kickass one. It was a master-Stroke played by Chef Deepu. So perfect that ur hunger pangs will be sorted post this, so perfect biryani it was. Perfectly cooked meat and flawless cooking of the long grain basmati rice. Key factor here would be the Impeccably marinated Meat. The tri-colour theme Chutneys on the plate is making the entire dish as one beautiful saga. #JustDontMissIt
Enough with food and now we’re waiting for some kickass Desserts or Shakes to enhance the evening experience on a sweeter note. Considering the New trend of Freak Shakes in the town, Chef Deepu has been planning for a long time to present his elite customers a few more variants and a relief from Usual ones available in the Different Cafe’s . He has came up with a new range of freak shakes which definitely trigger the right spot of our taste buds and can be termed as Fusion freak shakes. While Chef Deepu was still not sure abt the pricing of these shakes at the tasting but he made sure that all would be reasonably priced later keeping customers happy!

Thandai Freak Shake – this shake is a fusion of Thandai with crushed jalebi pieces, topped with whipped cream jalebi and basil Leaf. The flavours are rich and thandai taste is prominent in the shake. Be it old generation guys or a the new ones, everybody would love this for sure. Paan flavour is what makes it more amazing. Thandai and jalebi are a classic combination and Chef Deepu has successfully managed to bring justice to it. #GoForIt

Pedha Freak Shake – this shake is a fusion of Pedha Crumbs with rabdi and mawa. The Rabdi and mawa made for an interesting combination of the shake while Pedha made the entire experience more awesome. Full nostalgia while one will have a sip of it and remembering the old times when we used to have Pedha at home and just cant get enough with them. Mybonappetit loved it. Although, the sweet quotient is subject to one’s taste bud, I’d like if this shake is bit more sweeter than it was. #GoForIt
Salted Caramel Shake with salted popcorn – Now talking abt the new generation of freak shakes and there it is, This epic Shake is a must try here.
It had a very quirky presentation with some popcorns stuck to the outside of the jar with some caramel. The innovative and Quirky way of presentation would definitely bring a surprise smile on someone’s face. More like a liquid version of the salted / caramel popcorn, we all have at theatre while binging on few of the fav Feature films of our choice. So this one is a really deal-breaker here. #DoNotMissIt
Café Mestizo is located at Balewadi High Street. Yes, Right here at the new most happening place of the town. Just dont miss these new awesome menu here.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.
This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All the images have been clicked by my iPhone 6+.

All rights reserved.
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