Teddy, Oh yeah Boy !!!

After all the hustles and bustles of Koregaon Park and Balewadi High Street, came up a brand new “the place” of the town i.e, Deron Heights. Towering the best view and Lighting up the Baner skyline, Priyank Sukhija presents the successful Delhi gastro bar brand, “Teddy Boy” for Pune People.It offers the guests all the latest fine tuned customary requirements which the guest would seek here.  To name a few, an elevated sophisticated bar, gastronomical experience and finely honed aesthetic for uber cool terrace view touching the sky making Teddy Boy a perfect place for a party and social gatherings with friends and family. Chef Doyel Sarangi from MasterChef Fame dons the hat of Executive Chef here and very acclaimed mixologist Felix Eleson has ensured that the fun fusion menu is going to stay here for a while till the Pune Party People gets the best of the feel at this place.

Teddy Boy Baner is the sister concern of flying saucer and lives By the hype. The name itself has been inspired from the ’50 era of Victorian Britain. The best part abt this place is that one will have happy vibe here all the time as it’s one of those modern English pubs which has a great indoor and outdoor experience.
The Lower floor has pub area with a classic lighting and great space dedicated for people to shake their legs with their partners. The upper floor is more of a terrace scene with tables and a bar spreading over the entire area of 13000sq. Ft. which I believe can easily accommodate up to 350 patrons at a time. They have their own in-house DJ spinning non stop awesome tracks mainly mixed retro set (as the name of the place suggests). 

A special thanks to Carpe Diem for inviting us and Mr. Sachin, Chef Doyel and Team Teddy Boy for hosting us for the splendid fiesta.

Now lets talk abt the drinks and food what mybonappetit liked that evening.

Banta Bubbly Pan – Oh such a lovely drink to begin the evening! The name itself is catchy and a hit by now.Nice bubbly flavors of the pan and the right tone of fizziness to enhance the experience. Must had been made at dedicated banta drinks counter 😛

Passion Fruit Mango Martini
– Fantastic drink Made with the tone of Vodka and Triple Sec with Mango and Passion Fruit juices and mixed with fresh lime. A perfect Nice potent drink which contains all the flavour of the fruits intact in every gulp. #GoForIt

Fried Potato Skin Chaat  – Nicely Presented in a small cart and trust me by the time I had my first bite of it, already three or four carts full of this appetiser had been finished by my fellow blogger buddies. The best part abt this one is its crispy-ness And pairing it with desi dips was the cherry on the cake! I loved the Mint one but a few people loved yoghurt dip and imli (tamarind one ) as well.

Aloo Chhole Kulcha Tacos – Again full marks for a nice presentation on the small nicely designs rickshaws. The kulchas were soft and had generous fillings. Aloo chhole is always a traditional favourite however this twist is only going to enhance its reputation. It would be loved by the people who can give their taste buds a change and try something different in the name of fusion!

Kasundi Chicken Skewers  – For the love of mustard, this dish won hearts that evening! Chicken satays dipped in a bed of creamy mustard dip tasted lovely and looked gorgeous The chicken was cooked nicely and the mustard dip packed a good punch. #GoForIt

Mutton Kulcha Tacos – We find mutton generally not so tender at many places and that’s why we don’t risk to order any dishes related to mutton. But here at Teddy Boy, they take their orders very seriously and yes Mutton was superbly tender. Absolutely delectable as it must have been cooked flawlessly. #GoForIt

Teddy Fiery Prawns – When was the last time I had a good prawns dish? Can’t recollect but this one certainly goes up to the tops list. Large prawns served on a bed full of lettuce. Nicely coated in a Schezwan mayo sauce and the tone of spices was coming out pretty well. Fiery yeah! #GoForIt

Grilled Herb Prawns – I have a thing for prawns and I just cant wait to try prawns dishes at all. Prawns on skewers arranged aesthetically with different veggies on one side and the twister sauce radiant with radish slices on the other. This One was simply the best presentations of a dish I have seen in recent times. Very well cooked prawns and such presentations is a sure win-win call for the dish! #GoForIt

Golgappa Chocolate Shots – Oh! I have been waiting for this one since the moment I have heard of it. I had tasted the similar stuff at couple of places earlier and wanted to check if this one also bring all justice with the nostalgia part or not. Chef Doyel’s twist on the menu brings a peck of delight on the face. Puris filled with chocolate boondis and served with white chocolate sauce. All one needs to do is Simply to pour the “pani” into the puri and get teleported to chocolate paradise!! #GoForIt

Other drinks included the Black Forest Martini, Apple Cinnamon Mojito, Banta Strawberry Chaat, and Mucho Melon

One special mention of Creamy Cheesy Non-Veg. Soup made with beer. It was a different and one of a kind of soup and yes the beer content was there but even non-alcoholic would love it for sip of it.

Other starters included ; Papad Cones with Mixed Veg., Tortilla Mushroom Nachos, Little Pita with Mushrooms, Teddy Boy Smoky Wings. 

Mains included ; Khumb Matar Hara Pyaaz, Fusion Ratatouille Moussaka, Grilled Fish with Strawberry Wine Sauce, Grilled Chicken Steak with Wine Sauce, Butter Chicken and Mutton Rogan Josh.

Other desserts included Fried Choco Noodles with Ice Cream and Chef Doyel’s special twist Rasmalai Tiramisu.

Teddy Boy is located at the top floor of Deron Heights, Baner Road.

Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All the pictures had been clicked by my iPhone 6+.

All rights reserved.


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