Zora on My Mind – Mesmerising Molecular Voyage. 

W.S. Churchill once said “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

Zora Is one such battle for amazing food and drinks which is going to stay here for a long long time ! It is not a restaurant or a just a good place to dine-wine and be merry ! Its more of an experience to feel yourself, the elegance, the beauty, the magical touch of the molecular journey one is about to get into.

Lets begin with Soups ;

Steamed Kheema Wonton Soup: Ah ! Such a delight to have this. One would not mind eating/drinking this one right till then end. But in case if one is planning to have a full meal, share with your partners on the table. Cooked nicely and perfectly prepared Wonton stuffed with Kheema in broth with ideal amount of spices, is a must have. #GoForIt
Palak Dhaniya shorba: Mild Flavoured, Nutritious Spinach soup, nicely toned up with spice quotient. It was a soup with blast of palak and hint of Dhaniya. Even though if one doesn’t like spinach (like me) , wait for this, try this and there you go, Its totally worth it. Evening seem to be a great fun indeed. #LovedIt
Sharing some lights on Salads now ;

The Peanut chaat salad in kasundi: Jhaal mudi, remember anyone ? The right kind of texture and crunchy peanuts with proportional mix of tart Tomatoes, boiled spiced potato and Mustard sauce. The mustard sauce does add to the kick. Personally I love mustard, so a perfect thing for me here to try on every single visit. #LovedIt

Stir Fried Kali Mirch Fish in Kadi Patta dressing: It was an average affair for me, as I’m not a fish person. But what I ate was a Well cooked rawas mixed with three peppers , lettuce and finished with some yummy curry leaf sauce.

Starters time, yay!!

Badami Yogurt kebab with chatpatta imli saunt: Soft and fluffy yoghurt kebabs with a creamy taste of almond and a hint of Cinnamon. Dip it in the imlu saunt and an explosion of flavour would make right space in the mouth. #WorthIt

Mushroom and Cheese Bharwan Mirch: A unique preparation as I had never something like this. Green Bhavnagri Bharwan Chills stuffed with mushroom, cream and Cheese. The dish is subtle and makes all sense if one loves bharwan mirch to the core. #GoForIt

Tandoori Broccoli: First thing first, it was brilliantly marinated and siders with this makes the entire dish superb. On Many occasions, Broccoli had been tried in Italian, pan-Asian, and Mediterranean preparations. The Tandoori version was one of a kind for all of us. #GoForIt

Bhut Jolokia Tandoori Murg: first lemme warn you people abt bhut Jolokia, its no child’s play. The preparation is kickass and the chill thrill (not cheap thrills this time😁) will make you feel the red on your face. The dish is very intense and everyone may not have what it takes to handle a bhut Jolokia dish. Tandoori Murg was absolutely Finger licking and prepared in red hot bhut Jolokia and ripped with cilantro foam which made all the drama for the presentation part😉. #GoForIt

Indian Spiced Lamb chops : It was an average affair. ok, not that great maybe because I already have had better in Pune. A bit more tender meat would have worked wonders here. I dont know for some or other reasons, it didn’t liked by all of us. And yeah, feedback shared to the chef right on spot.

Post our starters we had been served with a little palate cleanser consisting of small mint shikanji flavoured with ice jelly cube for a cold relief in the mouth.

To start further abt the food, first lemme tell you a thing about ZORA.

Mr. Joravar Sachdev is one confident man with Chef Priyanka by his side both looking out to bring the right kind of change in Indian Food scene. Sharing excerpts from the tête-à-tête ;

It all started way back in 2011. Priyanka and Joravar have had an arranged marriage and a very interesting thing to note is that they said yes to each other after knowing each other for 2.5 hours only. The only thing that they got connected over was food and since then the love of the food cultured and later initiated the brainwork for a mega-project of Zora !

Priyanka had been a great cook (an artistic reflection), she can eat something and break down the recipe in her mind and prepare the dish the next day which would probably outdo what she ate originally. With 11 East Street Cafe, Joravar was a young and proud restauranteur to have built a brand by the time he was 27 years old but what catches his mind is a different ball-game altogether. He had always thought restaurants in Dubai are more serene and beautiful looking and also Priyanka hailed from Dubai so they had to create something which defines her as well. He had been traveling a lot since long, and visiting different restaurant and following their concepts to understand what goes into the making of one such master-plan. He believe, Father of molecular food is Chef Ferran Adria – chef owner of El Bulli. A restaurant he always aspired to go to. But due to financial restraint, he couldn’t visit spain before 2014. And finally when he went to Spain in 2014 by El Bulli Had shut its operation. (Pretty sad, I know !) Then he made sure that his next fav should be visited on time and he made a reservation and after having a confirmation, and planned a trip to Bangkok.

Gaggan opened his senses to the World of Molecular Food. It wasnt dining. It was an exerience and a memory.  An amazing one! quite surreal. (like Zora, oh yeah, so the making begin). Post that, he tried to be in touch with Gaggan as Joravar wanted to take a break from his work and work for someone else and learn more. But destiny had a different plan, and it didn’t worked out that well.

As this went on, Joravar somehow got put off with the idea of molecular food because deep down he knew its alot to with drama. And drama dies.

What will live is the harmony the mind and taste buds had that day. Which real food does. Enters Zora into the picture. 

Indian food like India is way too beautiful to be synonymous with anything. Each state is like another country with another language and with another pulse.

Lets talk about Mains now.

Matka Butter Chicken Lasagna: The Show-stopper of the evening. Drool worthy for all The right reasons. #mybonappetit have had Lasagna and have had butter chicken ,and it’s really tough to find both perfectly made around. What a great combination of butter chicken with an Italian twist of Pasta layering and served in a matka (such combination, man). #GoForIt

Goan prawns balchao served with Gujrati theplas and hari Mirch ka thecha : the name of the dish says all. Brilliantly cooked prawns in Goan style served with yummy theplas and served with The thecha added the extra zing to the dish. One cant ask for more. #LovedIt
Reshmi malai chicken tikka Biriyani: We all were already full by the time it came but it tasted Yum. Well prepared Biriyani with brilliant flavours, with soft and tender Reshmi malai tikka accompanied by pomegranate raita. One thing is for sure that Zora is definitely going to stay here for long as if they continue to amaze us with this kind of master-strokes, bhai fir dusri jagh jaye Q bhala koi 😉😇
Now talking abt the sweet tooth, Desserts ;

Chocolate Pani Puri with Bachpan ki yaadein: Full nostalgia will surround you, the very moment one will have even one CPP with a butterscotch dip. Chocolate coated puris served with nutties, tutti frutti with chocolate and butterscotch sauce. Absolutely fantastic dessert to have post the main-course. Bachho k sath agar jao, to bachpan ki yaado me khud b kho jao after having this 😉 #GoForIt

Old monk chocolate cake: getting high with this cake, yes! Boozy dessert comprises of Yummillicious. Chocolate cake with right amount of alcohol served with brandy schnapps and malai vanilla ice cream. I dont know how even they came up with something like this. Its a pure miracle for a dessert lover.
Dark chocolate gulab jamun tart, tender coconut ice cream, caramel splat: presentation part is catchy here. Crunchy dark chocolate ganache with good gulab jamun with caramel drizzle. I have always loved Gulab Jamuns and this was a winner for me here. #GoForIt
Cheesecake: ah! Simply the best. But I had liked few of the previous versions better than this. But one can definitely try Cheesecakes here as they make one of the best in Pune.

We had been served with a few mocktails varieties too.

1.Pomegranate and Rose Water Caipiroska

2.Dessert Martini

3.Guava cooler

4.Pine Berry

5.lemon zest Iced team

The best part here at Zora is that all These mocktails can be availed in cocktail variety too. All the mocktails were kickass and loved by most. Just take your choice and order, it’d be brilliant as they say it.
The energy, warmth is constant – that’s what Joravar always wanted to do with ZORA 😎😍

Make a classy restaurant which packs elements of India and gives you an experience so beautiful that you go back not smiling but happy. Happiness that comes from inside. It took so many fights / issues / vendors / payments / struggles to build this.

And whilst they have begun this journey and covered the first destination successfully. There is so much more to do and such a long journey ahead.
Salute to Chef Priyanka Kandhari Sachdev , Mr. Joravar Sachdev and the entire team of Zora for a lovely experience. A must visit indeed.
Disclaimer: The whole experience has been gathered from the exclusive food tasting organised for #TheBTeam .

This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are partly provided by the owner himself and partly mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All the images have been clicked by my iPhone 6+.
All rights reserved.

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