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So the tree rustles in the evening, when we stand uneasy before our own childish thoughts: Trees have long thoughts, long-breathing and restful, just as they have longer lives than ours. They are wiser than we are, as long as we do not listen to them. But when we have learned how to listen to trees, then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy. Whoever has learned how to listen to trees no longer wants to be a tree. He wants to be nothing except what he is. That is home. That is happiness. Putting the similar feel for this new spanking brew-pub launched recently in baner, falling short of the words to describe the entire experience even. Lager Von Beerstein rolling out and calling all the #BeerLovers to come and explore the new vibrant, dynamic, so homey and fabulous interiors of Effingut Brewerkz,baner.

This time Manu Gulati (Owner) has gone all out and spent a fortune to bring such incredibly mind blowing brew-pub come home to us. Its quite fascinating that a place you like most has come up in the area where you reside and then with so promosing ambience. The detailing to the ambience and interior design for this branch of EB is superb. Every corner has been nicely done up. “Work from Effingut” is a new concept here which makes the patrons work also while they can enjoy the homely feel of the brew-pub(who minds a cup of free coffee and a wifi afterall😎). Kudos to you sir for thinking so much about us! We’ll continue to visit this place more often. And when Priyank extended a food tasting invite to #TheBTeam at the uber cool new Effingut Brewerkz at Baner, we felt amazing and instantly said yes to the #TheBTeamExclusive #BanerFeelsEffingut food tasting event! K-7 studio has done a tremendous job. Right when once you enter the paradise, , you will have a glance on your left and would be amazed to see how beatifully lights have been arranged in mic-like structural holders. On your right hand side, there a stage for weekly gigs and performances.They have series of Pub Quiz, Band’s performances, dj night and other special activities lined up for the entire week. Just check their fb page and you’ll have fair idea abt it.  And there’s one bobby bike hanging in style to ceiling for the love of Manu’s Vintage collection (ok first thing first, He is a big time vinatge bike and car collection holder, A man full of passions!). Then on the straight you will find a perfect line of tables for small groups to sit and enjoy the company of their close ones with the fantastic beer and Awesome food of EB. A surprise package is also there in terms of unique interiors, for that you need to hit washroom (I’m telling you, its trippy as surprising). 

And that special line of fadora hats on the top of the bar (Effingut kp had one line up but at the entrance).  And I must mention that Effingut has got bigger and better with this offering in baner as it can easily accomodate 400 pax. So call all of your friends right here this weekend and be merry !

Manu himself was available there and welcomed us with his signature “hey buddy” style and the entire feel just got better for the rest of the evening as he made sure that he sat with us till the very last of this session and had a healthy discussion on Beer, Food, other upcoming projects and what not !
We had been given special bloggers menu for the evening and we were really looking forward to sampling some of his legendary dishes (More focus on the new additions in the menu👌🏻).  The new menu consisted of a a vast list of dishes and we’re abt to get started😎

A glass full of Ginger Peach Melomel, is what Mybonappetit started with that evening. For me its the best here since the very first sip I had, the bitterness of beer got excluded, completely! It is the only beer which I can drink all night here and prefer to have this over any other variant of beer, here. Its a honey mead infused with the mixture of peach and ginger elements. Its simply superb and would even a non-alcohal would loved to have it (trust me, I made five of my friends to drink that and they loved it like anything). And then we had been given an option or you can a variety of beer based cocktails. We all tried their beer based cocktails, which were good but we simply stick to our basics of drinking the beer we like most here. My teammates had different variants like IPA and Apple Cider as per the availability.

Starters ;

Gunpowder Onion Rings (Rs. 170) – A good start to the evening as we had been served with Crispy onion rings with the zing of in-house gunpowder. The added spiced gunpowder did the magic here and made a good combo with onion rings.One best thing abt this item is that it has been suggested by my dear friend Sourav Pattnaik (bro,celebrity recommendation haan😎)   only and since hehas recommended it, you will find his name also in the menu next to this amazing appetiser. Indeed a super appetiser to get your party started. #MustTry

3 Cheese Quesadillas (Rs. 290) – okay, a safe bet for the love of cheese and Quesadillas.  The jalapenos and scallions did wonders on our palate . A slightly acidic bite to the quesadillas due to the cheese complemented the dish and enhanced the flavour with full swing.   Liked by all, this one definitely going to be listed in my orders in next visits here. #MustTry

Classic Chili Paneer (Rs. 290)– Usually Paneer cooked in classic Asian style miss the flavours, but this one is a different. Super soft paneer cubes marinated in a wonderful chili based sauce. The vegeterians can order this appetiser even without a question in mind. Its absolute yumm.

Italian Cottage Cheese Kebab (Rs. 290)– A Teo thingd. One is Cottage Cheese Kebabs and that too marinated nicely in Pesto and second is all of this stuffed with olives and capers. Superb combination and And once again, EFfingut delivers on the tenderness. Silken smooth to the cut, the paneer chunks had the appropriate seasoning of the pesto sauce. The crunchy charred bits and the subtle pesto marinade made the absolute combination. The crunch of the burnt bits of the tandoored paneer added the crunch to the dish perfectly. #GoForIt

Tornado Sausages (Rs. 330) – So amidst all the fantastic appetisers, this one was the tad one. Chicken sausages laced with herbed pancake batter and cooked nicely. But the whole idea of having a smooth bite went off once we had a bit of it. It was too dry and pale. The accompanied dips didn’t help much. We informed Manu and Chef abt it and instantly the feedback taken. So probably next time, I’ll have a better sausages for sure, as they take feedbacks seriously!

Pulled Chicken Tacos (Rs. 270) – Ah, a pure delight ! Such a simple looking dish – Plain Jane taco shells with some pulled chicken, fresh salsa and iceberg lettuce with cheese. A perfect star of the evening, it was a full of flavour and perfect for all kind of taste-buds.We all liked it and considering its awesome-ness, it would be definitely among our orders when we would be coming here next time.
Thai Grilled Fish (Rs. 380) – Too hard to say no to this even when you’re full. Basa fillet chunks pan seared and served with red and green honey coconut cream sauces. The attraction was Red and green honey coconut cream. One lick over the chutney and you’ll be transported to chutney paradise. The way they were complementing the fish so perfectly, its a must have dish here. The fish was cooked nicely, very soft and no pungency at all. #GoForIt
Murgh Thecha Kebab (Rs. 330) – Brilliant is the word here. The legendary chicken kebabs marinated with coarse, fiery Maharashtrian green chili thecha. Thecha has been famous here in this region and its quite a substitute for pickles in general but the combination of thecha with chicken kebab worked brilliantly ! #Awesome
And then finally the newest item in the menu and the star attraction of the place arrived. Their unique Steak Style Chicken Effzza (Rs. 330). Its also available in veg variant as Steak Style Paneer Effzza (Rs. 290). It was a tube of pizza base stuffed with the goodness that is paneer or chicken. The beauty of this amazing pizza is that a ring shaped structure with options of paneer, bacon or chicken and sausages and served with a cheese sauce and a drizzle of barbecue sauce made the accurate combination in overall. Both well cooked and well spiced, the effzzas tasted just to the perfection. You should definitely order this during next visit. #GoForIt

Main Course ;

The Cheese Makhani (Rs. 320)  – Okay, by the time we got served with main-course, we’re already full so we thought to share a bowl only between all of us and understand the taste of it. It was hinting a different angle on the regular paneer makhani dish using cheese instead. It was served with some rice and bread to go with it. A perfect soothing taste to give you a feel of ultimate pleasure of having a simple main-course here.

Murgh Dhaniya (Rs. 410) – this dish was not upto the mark. It had chicken cooked in a creamy fresh coriander gravy which had strong flavors but not the right punch. The thing with coriander based gravy and that too served along with rice pilaf and breads is they need to have a solid punch once you’re having it. But the feedback taken sincerely by chef and I assume thr next time, it’d be tasting good.
Desserts ;

Beeramisu (Rs. 220) – Okay, I managed to have a little bite only as I was completly full the last bite of the maincourse served.  A classic twist on the legendary tiramisu, infused with Effingut (Read – effin’GOOD) beer. Traditionally made with Coffee Porter, but the one served to us was made with Lager (told ya, EB always surprises). The taste of it made feel heavenly. I had Tiramisu before but this was something different. #WorthTry

Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream (Rs. 240) – The thing with EB is that whatever you’re having here, have a unique taste. A lot of places offer this dessert but the one here is a different one. Effingut always manages to surprise and impress. A rich walnut brownie and warm chocolate sauce, flambéed to a mahogany dark brown. Amazing theatre, a nice burnt bittery after-taste.The feel will remain for a long time in your mouth. #GoForIt

To sum it all, It was an exclusive affair where special mention of the service part of the effnigut should also be noticed.  The servers here are well trained and quite friendly too. They understand your preferences and get you the orders in time. During the first couple of weeks post the launch, EB was facing some some issues with service, since the staff were new, now all have been briefed and trained brilliantly. #AllTheBest to you guys. Keep Rocking!

Effingut is for sure making the tradition of providing kickass service with amazing food on the table for its patrons. Beer, Food, ambience and superb service what else can you ask for more? 

Here at EB one can witness a host of props together like some kickass vintage art and sotally tober quotes (few ones are really so amazing that you will cant hold your laugh even), to bring back the same old nostalgia one can find comic books (Yes, tinkle is available). Also One of the “not to miss” part in the interiors of this place is picture frames of the popular movies and bollywood big guns with some of the legendary old book dialogues in the likes of Ranjeet and Nirupama Roy ! So dont miss on those hilarious quotes at all. 

I would like to thanks Priyank From ideosphere for inviting us and Manu and Team EB for hosting us so well. This was one of the best food tastings in the recent times for us.

Effingut Brewerkz is located at Deron Heights, Baner.
Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.
This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency. All the photos have been captured by my iPhone 6+.
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