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Arthur’s Theme has created quite a name in the restaurants group serving European cuisine in Maharashtra. They serve a wide array of traditional European fare. The menu is very innovative in terms of names of the dishes served and there’s a brief description also to understand what it consist of, which gives a fair idea of what exactly will you be served on the plate. This place has a distinctive clientele as a very few selective people are fond of this cuisine. Although, it can be seen full house on a wednesday evening with patrons coming in all age-groups. The interiors are worth a watch as they have used elements of classic Victorian décor, keeping in sync with their cuisine choice.Bright colours, cheerful upholstery and an energetic vibe force you to feel mesmerised. The interiors has been done up Very nicely  and the  set up made for some 50-55 people to accommodate in one seating.  Seating is divided into two sections. A a craftly done indoor section and refereshing open air outdoor section on the passage.  

Been running successfully during last so many years in Kp, they have established a name for themselves at a time when not many Puneites were accustomed to this type of cuisine, definitely says their authencity over the years for the patrons. Now, the family business is taking the brand value to another level and had set up its new branch at BHS(Balewadi High Street). Since the inception of BHS, and Arthur’s coming to this side of the town, I have visited this place only two time and both visits for lunch session only. So this time when #MyBonappetit and #TheBTeam got invited for a dinner session to try out a newly launched four-course meal (which included a salad/soup, a starter, a mains and a dessert), I couldn’t resist and accepted the invite without any hesisation. I was very keen on trying out this BHS outlet for a dinner session and this is how my luck paved its way. We also got to meet the owner of the place, Mr. Prabhjyot, welcoming us with a broad smile on his face.

#MyBonAppetit fav four course meal would be Hawaiian (Salad), Alexia (Starter), Artois (Mains) and Blueberry Cheesecake (Dessert). Also Leopold ll (soup) for a perfect punch in the beginning (For detail read, find their mention in the blog).

So we started first with the drinks on the menu and a few suggested ones by the bossman  Prabhjyot himself. All of the drinks were reasonably priced at Rs. 400 which had been served to us.


Purple Flirt

Tangerine Hop

Lemongrass Spritzer

Salads :


Hawaiian Salad (Rs. 210) – Jolly-good salad. A mix of roasted chicken, pineapple and bell peppers tossed in mayonnaise base. This combination of Crunchy bell peppers, super-tender chicken, lovely amount of pineapple and mayo cream was making the salad very interesting and rich in flavor with every bite of it.

Caeser (Rs. 220) – Well, the expectation override with the dish.  The caeser dressing formulation of diced chicken tossed in ketchup with roasted peanuts, olives, romaine and iceberg lettuce proved to be a nice combination afterall. One of our Blogger friend did liked it but for rest of us, it was bit mild to the taste.

Pasta & Sausage (Rs. 200) – We ordered this salad with lots of expectation considering the ingredients mentioned in the menu in the salad. It arrived and looked nice to us. It served cold and when we asked the server abt it, he confirmed it is supposed to be like this. A generous amount of bell peppers, sausages, penne style tossed in a tangy cocktail dressing is what we call a perfect description of the salad. Good in taste but certainly not my type of salad.

Soup :

Leopald ll – Ah ! My personal fav from the evening. Chicken Clear Soup enriched with mushroom, carrots, lettuce and babycorn. I loved this one to the core. I’m definitely coming here again very soon and having this. Super good in taste, richness of pepper and it gives a lovely warm feel with the first spoon full of it. All those soup lovers, head to Arthur’s Theme for this soup, you wont regret, I bet!

Starters :

Alexia (Rs. 320) – It’s a combination of chicken and prawns. Grilled chicken wrapped over prawns. in a spicy sauce. The sauce was good. I love prawns so it gets a perfect five from my side for this. This dish should definitely be tried once here and relished. Overall A nice choice in starter.

Cecelia (Rs. 220) – This have been tried previously two time by me. I like the Tangy sweetness of the tomatoes with slices of specially baked bread topped with olives and mozzarella cheese. A Bruschetta of this type, would definitely be loved by all. Somehow I believe they should have some veggie toppings too over it, it would make the taste better and more crunchy.


Alfonso (Rs. 390) – The name sounds tempting  but the key components are different as per the dish name (No mango here).The  grilled chicken stuffed with spinach, slices of carrots, oven baked and served with a mélange of sauces. It tasted  nice and very soothing as per the taste.I ordered it and rest of us also liked it.

Artois (Rs. 390) –  Okay, one of those dishes which goes completely average looks wise but when tasted, it feels brilliant. Potato croquettes, Stuffed Chicken Roulade with good portion of mushroom sauce. It was full of flavors and I liked it a lot.


Blueberry Cheesecake (Rs. 170) – Very yummy and the best of the lot from whatever we had that evening. It was topped with dollop of cream, Texture was good, Fruity punch. Super-liked  by all of us and definitely a #MustTry here.

Hot Chocolate Brownie (Rs. 170) – Ooo la la. This had been a subjective issue since quite  a while to find out the best place which serve best  Chocolate brownie. Arthur’s Theme did justice to this trial.Gooey brownie with ice cream served with truffle sauce and vanilla ice cream. Simply a match ! #Recco

Tiramisu (Rs. 170) – I just love tiramisu. I remember one time I had it at my friend’s place, and she knew the basics right so it happened to be a good one. Since I was expecting something a level above here but due to some reasons, the cake layers were too dense and despite being topped with chocolate powder, the taste was bit harsh.I would give them a another chance in the next visit and try it again.

Special Pancake (Rs. 180) – Pancake with with raisins (marinated in rum) was rich in flavors.A good affair indeed.Something different from other pancakes available at other places.

The best thing that you’ll notice through the menu is the interesting names given to the dishes; all names are based on famous personalities from Europe. The useful descriptions of the dish alongside helps you to choose the right option. The 4-course meal is priced at a reasonable Rs. 799++. Pls visit here till the fest is running and share your experience too.

A big shout out to Mohini from Goodword Media for inviting us and very humble Mr. Prabhjyot and Team Arthur’s for hosting us.

Arthur’s Theme is located at 25 Balewadi High Street, Baner-Balewadi Link Road, Baner, Pune.
Disclaimer: The invite was for a complimentary food tasting event.
This review is a narrative of my experience at the event. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source however I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency. All the photos have been clicked by my iPhone 6+.
All rights reserved.
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