Noodle Canteen – the canteen with a soul !

Noodle Canteen is one of the best trending places in Pune for some of the very good reasons.
High quality and quantity at lesser pricing. I dont think ki kisi discount card/voucher ki jarurat padegi idhar, haan unless you’re on a bakasur mode !

Though the outlet is tiny, but the choice of food isn’t. Choice of Soups (small and large bowls), Dimsums, appetisers, Noodles and Pots, and then an option for Dessert to polish off the entire experience with a sweet tooth.

We started ordering first with a Thupka.
Mesmerising aroma was doing its bit by making us more hungry. Fantastic is an understatement here. Enjoyed this delicious, aptly thick, with mild spice flavors, assorted veggies, and tender pieces of chicken in Thupka. It was piping hot till the last sip. And trust me if you’re visiting here alone, its a complete meal even. The bowl is so huge and portion size is humongous for one person. This thupka was cooked with tender chicken pieces but veggies crunchiness was very well obvious. And with one bowl of Thupka, the small eaters will easily get almost full by the end of it.

Here, you should Go for Thupka, Dimsums, Dimsum chilly spice, Tempura Prawns and Burnt Garlic Noodle (initially I thought, it lacked the punch but within few seconds burnt garlic taste will make you happy for sure), khow Suey is also good last I heard (yet to try). The prawns were top-notch and deserve a round of applause here for their simplicity and yet amazing taste.

At Noodle Canteen, they provide you with lovely peanut chutneys and Honey and red chilli sauce with Dimsum and Tempura Prawns. Both tasted brilliantly.

Total Damage = only Rs. 750 something !

Compared to all other places, they serve amazing food a superb price point. And trust me, their portion size is always huge so order only what you can eat, no wastage of food is suggested though!

This place is aptly Located in Fortaleza, Kalyani Nagar. They serve dishes influenced by Tibetian, Chinese, Japanese cuisine and other Pan-asian countries. 6-7 tables including indoor mezzanine and outdoor seating. Table set with a menu, full of forks, spoons, chopstick and a special Minion-chopstick for the minion’s lovers (they had me there itself) in a black pot .

Only suggestion, heat is gearing up big time, do anything but bring on the ACs to inside seating space. Its too unbearable to handle the heat especially when you’re having super-hot bowl of Thupka and that amazing plate full of burnt Garlic chicken noodle 😉

Sanjeevani and Mrunal – take a bow !
This brand new place is definitely going to stay here for a long time. And I hope they do open soon in Baner area as well. All the best team @noodlecanteenindia for your endeavours!
Disclaimer: This review is a narrative of my experience at the venue for the food which I ordered. The views expressed in this review are solely mine and others are more than welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The review is in no way influenced either personally or commercially nor has it been lifted, copied or plagiarized from any source, however, I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet. All photos are clicked by my iPhone 6+.

All rights reserved.
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3 thoughts on “Noodle Canteen – the canteen with a soul !

  1. Thukpa n Burnt Garlic Noodles. Wow.
    Good vibes from the place n their ppl.

    Thanks Divyanshu (n specifically for the prawns n chicken – you made it V simple for me 😉 )


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