Sante Spa Cuisine – Rejuvenation to Belly !

FullSizeRenderSanté Spa will always be one of those places in my list which stood out surprisingly awesome post the very first visit. This place has been a superb trending place in Pune for some time now. They serve kickass healthy variants for the food generally we like such as pizza.  I was quite skeptical about this place since they don’t serve non/veg here, but damn I was wrong!

Now, post my blog’s read, you’ll understand what level of healthy, I’m talking about.

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Santé, a word from French linguistic, means healthy and in Spanish it means interesting. At Santé Spa, you get healthy food for the healthy stomach! The surrounding is full of greenery hence making the place more vibrant. There are indoor seating with coolers and outdoor seating at the deck. Cutlery has been carved out of neem wood known for its restorative properties and hence unique and interesting to look out for.   A perfectly healthy and interesting place to be at!

Owner Sonal has joined hands with celebrated Chef Shailendra Kekade of Stone Water Grill in curating the menu, making healthy versions of popular global cuisines.
It was a #TheBTeamExclusive food tasting invite.

Even on a weekday, the place is full of clients, giving a fair indication of the level of popularism this place has amongst its patrons!


Spinach Spearmint Pineapple: Ah, a spinach drink. They say, spinach is healthy, I say it’s uber healthy if you are having Spinach Spearmint pineapple drink here. A healthy drink after a very long time. Surprisingly it wasn’t served chilled Hence I raised my hand and asked for a few cubes of ice and then they informed me that, it is supposed to drink as it is. Interesting take. The tang of pineapple and the sweet n salty flavor takes the drink to an another level of favorite. A pineapple drink with a hint of spinach and peppermint is all we want to start a perfect food tasting scenes, aren’t we?

Dark Chocolate Milkshake – a combination of soy foam (made from soy milk) and raw khanda sari sugar (not the usual refined sugar as such). It was incredibly delicious and topped with airy whipped cream and chocolate chips.


Spaghetti of Vegetables Salad:  the Flavorful combination of spaghetti sized sliced assorted veggies with pickled mango vinaigrette and khakra discs. Spaghetti and healthy, goes hand in hand, right?

Southern Spiced Cottage Cheese Saute: newly introduced to me and I loved it. Melt in mouth home-made cottage cheese sautéed and topped with some spring onion and served with innovative watermelon chutney. Hands down, winner in the list for the evening.
Mediterranean Quinoa: Wow, a healthy and filling treat on its way. Superb flavor and textures. Quinoa with apples, walnut, cranberries and Danish feta cheese. It has so much going on in the bowl (nuts, seeds, fruits as in cranberry, apple and tangerines). It had leafy greens in the mix along with quinoa. Interesting combination and everyone on the table loved it.

Beetroot and Spinach Hummus: The new trending stuff on the internet was on our table right next to us. Oh yes, this one’s good stuff, really good stuff. The preparation of beetroot hummus and spinach hummus served with whole grain khakra chips. What a lovely dish and we just cant stop having it then. The dish sat pretty with a dollop of pink beetroot hummus and green spinach hummus.

Pizzas ;

Farm Fresh: – A thin-crust pizza Stone-grilled with ragi and whole wheat being its base, what else we need for a perfect healthy pizza notion. The toppings include olives, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, jalapeños, and more. Superb taste. Loved the detailing and will be on my order-list when I’m coming back here next time.
Pizza Verde: Almost same base structure of Farm Fredh but with different toppings like broccoli, zucchini, fenugreek and arugula basil pesto.  Sante has some good pizza for sure, a new revelation for us.

Mains ;

Bajra Riso: a new experience for me with this kind of dish. Absolutely gluten free dish keeping its protein notion high and rich because of the substance used such as Spinach and Green Beans. Loved it. Good preparation and a good meal in total.

Thai Curried Vegetables: Just try not to miss this one here, cause it serves the purpose brilliantly. It is served with a side of delicious brown rice to go well the curry. The curry is coconut based, Creamy, with gluten free veggies as top ingredients.

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Low-fat  Raspberry Cheesecake, Salted Caramel Mud Cake, Valrhona Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Matcha Truffles and the in-house Almond Cherry Muesli Ice Cream were the desserts served. These were a perfect line-up of brilliant desserts that also boasted of being healthy, gluten-free and sugar-free in some cases.


Sante is really trying to innovative ways to make sure that people eat delicious food but with some health, quotients fixed. Santé Spa Cuisine makes their own soy and almond milk for the smoothies and milkshakes. No use of things which is known to put an adverse effect on our health, like refined sugars or salt, milk from Dairy, and such things. The spa cuisine menu exclusively features lots of delicious energetic beverages and energizing, ‘oxidizing’ and ‘detoxifying’ drinks. And definitely some guilt-free desserts too which you just can’t afford to miss!

Thanks a lot Nitish for inviting us and Sonal and Team Santé Spa Cuisine for hosting us.

Santé Spa Cuisine is located at Koregaon Park.

Disclaimer: I was for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is in no way influenced either personally or commercially. Nor have I lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source. However, I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency. All photos are clicked by my iPhone 6+.

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