Learning Steps ; one at a time !

First of all, I am most grateful for this Life. Yes, there have been moments of bliss and moments of despair, moments of love and moments of intense heartbreak, moments of freedom and moments of fear, moments of success and moments of devastation, but I am so grateful just to be here. Its been awesome so far, hope to continue to high fives and low fives more often in future. This Journey is truly a miraculous adventure. I give thanks, infinitely.
I had to learn how to do a lot of things by myself when I was growing up. My mother is a home-maker and the boss lady of the house. My father has always been of low profile and very sober one in general public. I used to do my homework by myself, walked to school by myself, and learned to put on strength for hardships by myself. (For your information, I scored nine out of ten on spelling tests on the regular, so I did okay.)
During my younger years, my both elder brothers, Shubhranshu and (Big B) Himanshu hated the fact that I existed and reminded me frequently. Especially Big B. When he was forced to let me tag along with him and his friends, he hung me up on a tree branch by my hoodie in the park and left me there. He hid under my bed, grabbed my foot when I walked by, and pretended to saw it off with an old butcher’s knife after I had seen a scary movie(figuratively). Basically, he was an asshole. Well, most of the time he wasn’t even. I’ll tell you more about it later. 

Big B is quite a few years older than I am and by the time I was a teenager, his contempt for me disappeared. He became kind of a mentor. Even at that young age, he had insight that I still find valuable today. Since neither of us were well curated writer or athlete for that matter, the advice was given in a general context, but it’s come in handy in my training for life as well. I’ve built upon Big B’s lessons with other things I’ve learned along the way and I hope they will come in handy in your training as well. 

Later he did sacrificed his golden years for family And his own stability only to find that lost opportunity giving different ways to corporate zinx (currently OpenText) and some business trials. Massive respect for that big period of his share of struggle and hardship in life. 
Anyway, coming back to the lessons which I learnt from him, The very first thing I learned from my brother was to not listen to people just because they were in a position of authority, or thought they were. When a god-like figure tells you something like this, oh you have to adhere it, dear 😃

Sometimes when I got a little full of myself as a teenager or young adult, Big B would mock me and refer to me as “Big Important Doucebag.” The general rule of thumb, according to him was to “never overestimate your importance.”
It isn’t good for your soul to believe you’re superior to another person because you can do one or more things or have one or more things more than they do.

Some people see people doing things in life or in the gym and they think to themselves, “Oh, I can’t do that, I’m not strong/pretty/thin/smart/good enough to do something like that.” Well, someone has to do it, so why not you?

As time went on, I got more education, better jobs (currently G4S), and more confidence. I started writing blogs for food and restaurant menu tasting and thought that maybe someday I could write so brilliantly that people will recognise me. One year later, I could write more than just food blogs. What’s that? Travel blog and a call from Radisson to exclusively be a part of the extravaganza of bloggers’ Staycation programme.  

The lesson here is, the only person limiting what you can do is you. Take tiny steps and when you look back, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished. Hence I’m open to try different horizon of blogs too these days. 
I just have to keep moving forward and do what I can to help the process along.

* Who the f#ck is he?

* Why can’t you be world champion? Someone has to be.

* Your dream today of mastering the triangle will be garbage tomorrow when you’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

* Breaking up with that jerk will be painful at first, but that too shall pass.

* Still, when you have that medal around your neck, remember – you’re no better than anyone else.

I cant sum up the entire phases of my life so far in this one write up, but yeah, a lot is in making also, so wait for some years, I’ll come up with one more blog of mine blabbering more abt this crazy mad equation with my Big B !

Till then, be merry and serve happiness !

#myconstantrock #secondfather #alwayslearningfromhim


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