In India water changes its taste at every mile while a new dialect emerges every four miles. This also adds to the culinary varieties that India has to offer. From condiments and spices to the varied cooking techniques be it slow cooking (the latest trend), each one adds a unique flavor to different regional cuisines of India. The interiors have been done by international award winner Mr. Ketan Javdekar and trust me you’ll be flipped through nostalgia once you enter the place. Paper boats and a lovely glitzy newspaper wall will be welcoming you with so many memories of your childhood.

Dalchini is one humble attempt at bringing the glorious taste from regional cuisines and tastes across the country on your platter. You’ll definitely experience “India On your Plate” here!

One fine evening, Chaitanya himself called us over for a dinner to let #BloggerBuddy and other #TheBTeam members try different delicacies on their plates in his new outlet of Dalchini at Kothrud. The menu was specially crafted for us as mentioned by Chaitanya. We had been served with Few beverages, Superb Salads, Amazing Appetizers, Magnificent Main-course with sides and DroolingDesserts!!



Drinks –

Neer More – A buttermilk with a hint of curry leaf. This drink is very famous in Chennai and other Tamilnadu locales. Kinda salty but okay for people who love to try to different coolant this summer.

Panha – A must Have weapon to beat the heat this summer. This #KairiPanha is flavored with Saffron and Cardamom. This bottle contains thick shake, not that usual watered down liquid. No added color at all. A royal delight for a summer afternoon.


Salads :

Kairichi Vatli Dal – Maharashtra has lots of variety in Food delicacies. One of the important parts is chana and kairi. Kairi is “kachha aam” and basically we use it to make pickle also. This Salad was curated perfectly with Soaked Chana, tender pieces of grated kairi.

KOSUMALLI – well, healthy and refreshing salad from Tamilnadu of soaked moong with carrot and cucumber won all hearts that evening.


Palak Papdi Chaat, Achar Aur Cheese ka Paneer, Kundapur Aloo Ghee Roast were vegetarian options. Papdi chaat stood out fairly well. Tender, succulent and cheesy Paneer pieces cooked to perfection. And the Karnataka’s best-kept kitchen secret came out brilliant with the aloo appetizer! Loved it.

Amer Ki Kheeme Baati – mutton kheema at its best. Indeed a brilliant starter. Tried it for the first time and we had to order twice cause it was so gooood.

Murg Daaranpur – Ah ! This was superb and top notch. Definitely best among all. Mouth watering tandoori 🍗breast pieces stuffed with melted 🧀. We had ordered a second round for it.

Batliwala Aunty’s Patrani Machi – Parsi dish and that too with a fish element. Go go! This one’s a being very popular and known, I went on to try it even though I’m not a fish person at all. But to my surprise, it was perfectly cooked inside banana leaf and presentation was traditional. Something different and definitely fantastic.


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Kukur Yakhni (a Kashmiri Chicken dish with succulent and juicy chicken pieces with yogurt based gravy preparation), Chennar Dolna (a Bengali vegetarian dish with Chana and Potato cubes in ghee laden gravy), Hyderabadi Mirch Ka Salan (A Nizami recipe of Bhavngari Chillies in a tamarind, sesame, and peanut gravy). Overall a perfect treat to regional dishes from India. Go for it guys, you just cant miss it. Another gem was 24 GHANTE KI DAAL, a 12hrs+12hrs cooked and simmered daal layered with fresh cream and butter. Slow cooking art has been helping this beauty to sustain and making possible even today to have this while already so many new traditions are being followed in the kitchen. Never tasted something brilliantly like this in years and I would recommend you guys to go and try out by yourself.

Rampuri Taar Korma –  before we start to dig in, Chaitnya enlightened us with some amazing facts about this dish and its preparation. The general way of preparation involves adding of leftover part of the dish to next day’s curry. This re-used portion is called Taar and is believed to provide unique and subtle flavor to the dish. Dalchini’s unbroken taar has been going on for more than 2 and a half months now. Taar Korma from Rampur (UP), is a Nihari preparation. Winning hands down this dish is ghee-laden, creamy textured Awadhi Food which has been satiating taste buds of Awadhs for centuries.




SERRADURA – it stood out brilliantly among others. A Goan dessert with a Portuguese legacy. Beautiful Layered cream and crushed Marie biscuits. Not sugarish and not pale at all. Just a perfect combination to end the evening on a happy note.


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The icing on the cake was Kairi Panhe stored jar and instant mix gift hampers with personalized notes from Chaitanya Himself. Special thanks to him and his team for a lovely see-through Indian forgotten delicacies and beyond.

Disclaimer: I was for a complimentary food tasting event. This blog is a narrative of my experience at the event. These are my views that I have expressed in the blog. Others are most welcome to agree or disagree with the same. The blog is in no way influenced either personally or commercially. Nor have I lifted, copied or plagiarized it from any source. However, I have done my due diligence on the event via publicly available information on the internet and as shared by the client/PR agency. All photos are clicked by my iPhone 6+. All rights reserved.

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